Shiny Swan invests in research on applications of the latest scientific developments regarding nutrition, cosmetics, health and well-being. The result is a range of products that widens constantly as the evolution in the aforesaid scientific fields is absorbed into the production process in order all relative needs of modern man are covered.

Research personnel of Shiny Swan, comprising top educated professionals, is totally oriented to the scientific principles of bio-medicine, focused in proper and ethical research procedures. No experiments opposing the bio-ethics principles are conducted – actually, we are one of the few companies worldwide who can make such a statement. Consequently, not even one of our products includes parabens or parabens derivatives in its composition, folowing the international trend after alarming clinical researches on the role of such substances in various health problems.


Beyond all these, Shiny Swan participates in many international research teams in order to participate in the development of modern nutrition and cosmetology to the direction of maximum possible gain for the consumer.