As you have seen, Shiny Swan combines a growing range of top quality products with an innovative promotion plan and sales products. This combination, provided that someone is sincerely interested and have the desire to work with Shiny Swan, can offer a great opportunity for professional success.

The core is exactly Shiny Swan’s plan, as each partner- member of Shiny Swan Members’ Club based on completely transparent surplus-value tables, gets rewards depending on the activity and the consumption made.

In other words, even at the lowest level of simple member, Shiny Swan’s partner benefits from the difference between the wholesale price (which buys the products) and the retail price (in which may, if he wants, to sell them). With the use of the products, skills and knowledge of the member are consolidated as it is well known that knowledge based on experience is deeper.

Member’s activity towards to Elite level, leads to his inclusion and eventually advancement in surplus-value tables. With this, significant gains and, finally, financial independence can be achieved. Shiny Swan’s unique sales and marketing plan is the fairest, clearest and the most lucrative comparing to any other. Thus, as Shiny Swan’s partner, apart from the significant sales profit you can gain, you can be rewarded from the surplus-value tables you are participating in. But these rewards are not coming from… heaven! They are the results of the volume of sales of Shiny Swan’s Sales that, because of the achieved low manufacturing costs, distributes a large part of the profits segment to the members according to these tables; the only source of income is sales through the promotion of products – there are no “magic” solutions…

Therefore, if you are willing to following the Shiny Swan’s Elite member path, be sure that apart from financial independence you will have the “luxury” to organize yourselves in matters of activity and time. Thus, the sum of money you can earn depend totally on you and your activity as each position you create moves towards all 7 tables, generating earnings of 50.000€.

So, it is in your hands. You too, regardless of gender, age, education, personal experience and economic situation, can build a career in Shiny Swan. Only your firm decision is needed...