Shiny Swan has as its prime goal to bring consumers worldwide beauty and wellness products, that are able to cope with the impact of modern life and the overburdened environment to men and women.

Shiny Swan invests primarily in research on the application of the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition, beauty and disease prevention. The result of these quests is an ever-growing range of products that meet the needs of modern man..

Modern needs, particularly the well-known rapid changes in sales and advertising of products and services worldwide, has forced us to create a unique system. The most modern, innovative and profitable sales system. Simple, fair and without pitfalls.

With the creation of Shiny Swan Members Club, we provide the opportunity to everyone for cooperation with the company, acquiring products at wholesale prices.

In order to become a member of Shiny Swan Members, you should be recommended by an already active member (“Sponsor"). The single registration fee (to cover membership costs) is just 45 €.

What are the benefits for simple members?

• From the moment of registration, member acquires the right to

purchase products at wholesale prices either for personal use or for resale in retail price, without any other obligation.

• Apart from that, member gets access to his own back office, a virtual office for information, orders etc.

• It must be noted that the Sponsor of each new member is rewarded with 20 points (PV).

Elite members

• From the moment the simple member starts recommending new members to Swiny Swan, he becomes an Elite Member by obtaining points (PV) for each new member enrolling.

• Points that are collected by Elite members is translated into “positions” at a ratio 1 position=40 points. These positions are placed in the 7 surplus value tables of the selling plan. Each member’s position that concludes its “route” in all 7 tables, pays off the sum of 50.000€.

• The only obligation of the Elite Members, is to consume every two months products of 40 € worth, regardless of the positions held.

Each Elite Member obtains points (PV) from four different sources:

1. From new members enrollment (each enrollment gives 20 points to the sponsor).

2. From the consumption of the sponsor’s enrolled members. Each product corresponds to a specific amount of points.

3. When a new member moves on and become Elite Member also, then, at the time he is paid by one of the surplus value tables (taking the related bonuses), sponsor takes also the related points.

4. As a result of the above, each new Sponsor always supplies with points his own sponsor. So, the depth from which Sponsor collects his positions is always increasing maximizing this way his profits.


First position corresponds to you. After you have fulfilled enrollment procedure, paying the 45€ fee, and you have begun to register new members. Each member enrolled gives you 20 points. So it needs only two new members to acquire a position (as each position come with 40 points).

Here we see that the first new member gives his Sponsor 12PV by consuming specific products. When another new member consumes some products, 28PV are added to Sponsor’s account. That sums up to 40PV giving a new position to the Sponsor. This procedure continues, giving more points (adding up to the points obtained by the enrollment of new members), leading thus to the acquisition of new positions on the surplus tables.


Positions are being installed:

  • automatically,

  • From all members of the worldwide members club,

  • In numerical order,

  • From right to left,

  • Depending on the time of the creation of the position.

When the first table is completed and rewards are received (cash and bonus valued in products, but also when Sponsor gets the appropriate points) then the top spot goes to the next surplus table and the table is divided in two, creating two new peaks.


As shown in the table, the orange seats are ours and green spaces are several other members of the world's members club. By entering 8 new positions, the top positions are pushed in the table that follows. So, according to these, all positions are placed by the same numerical order.

  • Members we have enrolled are always following us, giving positions on surplus-values tables.

  • PV points are always given to our Sponsor, depending on our course.

  • Each member could have a lot of positions on a lot of surplus-value tables. There is no restriction inside a table and no limitation to the number of tables.

  • The Shiny Swan System is the definition of a Win-Win system.


The positions indicated by orange colour are ours. In this table you see we have four positions. When a position reaches the top and the table is complete, then the position gets 180€ (of which 150€ you get in cash and 30€ in equal value products). As we have described as third source of points, the position gives 5 points to our Sponsor. So, with the completion of our 4 positions, Sponsor gets 4 X 5 = 20 points PV. From there Sponsor proceeds to the next surplus table (Emerald) and slowly he proceeds to all next tables.

As described in 4th source of points analysis, each new Sponsor provides his own Sponsors with points. Therefore, the depth from which Sponsor collects his positions is always increasing maximizing his profits this way.


We see clearly that, as time passes and each location progresses, the benefits for the members are increasing.



• Shiny Swan ensures quality products for aesthetics, health and wellness, in unbeatable prices for its members’ club.

• At the same time, Shiny Swan gives its members the ability of autonomous financial development, the possibility for working on something beneficial for the public, promoting these products under a unique system.

• Shiny Swan Members Club is an open team of health, wellness and financial freedom!