Health is not just the absence of illness; likewise, wellness is not just health. Of course, health is a kind of "prerequisite" for wellness; but wellness is the perfect functioning of the human body and mind, achieving a prosperous "psychosomatic harmony".

Shiny Swan Ltd., as often stressed here, has as ultimate purpose the dissemination of health and wellness for all. And it does so, through the production of products that are the result of thorough and pioneering research, products whose value far exceeds the competition. When people spoke with promotional terms for "wellness revolution", seeing only the financial-sales aspect, we have applied all revolutionary scientific discoveries in production line; because Man, not just Profit, is our pursuit.

What wellness is all about? It the need of each of us for quality of life. And it concerns everything: what we eat, how we sleep, how we exercise, what cleaning products and cosmetic use. Is the need for security from disease and treatment, to the extent possible, the damage that comes from lifestyle, environment and, unfortunately, relentless Time...

Shiny Swan's Wellness products line will soon be at your disposal. With Shiny Swan's quality and price.