Shiny Swan is a new, expanding commercial company with its base in the Repubic of Bulgaria. Founded in 2015 Shiny Swan is conducting business in Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Cyprus, Albania, Austria, the Chech Republic, Ukraine, South Africa, Russia, Romania and Turkey.

Shiny Swan's aim is to provide globally top quality products and services, combined with a unique, innovative marketing and commissions plan, giving everyone the opportunity to change their life. Modern necessities, especially the rapid changes in sales and promotion methods globally, has forced us to create a unique sales system; modern, innovative and profitable – but also, simple, fair and without springes.

Shiny Swan sells its products at retail price only to its platform members. By using the most modern methods of internet and networing marketing, our system helps each member to obtain a decent, satisfying income. This is due to the fact that the company's staff comprises professionals with over 20 years' experience in sales, administrtation, technology and advertising – something that provides new associates with additional surety as these professionals' experience is always at their disposal.