Code of Conduct

This Shiny Swan's Code of Conducting Business governs the relations:

a. between Shiny Swan and its members,
b. among the members themselves,
c. Shiny Swan and competing companies
providing a set of guidelines for the proper and fair interaction between all the above.
The Shiny Swan's Code of Conducting Business is the expression of the moral values the company stands for.
Its purpose is the protection and satisfaction of all members, in order they will promote the aims at the protection and enjoyment of its members, who promote company's business model and maintain the reputation of the company.
1. Shiny Swan relation with its members
Shiny Swan provides the best possible service to its members. In this context, the company focuses on the following:
1.1. Shiny Swan's members are using only clear and fair promotion methods.
1.2. Information on products are presented to members in a clear and complete manner. Apart from products' information, detailed and thorough updates on prices, payment terms, returns policy and rights of withdrawal are also clearly provided . Generally, transmitted information comply fully with the official company's statements.
1.3. Shiny Swan respects fully members' private life.
1.4. Shiny Swan will never exploit inexperience, illness, age or lingual inefficiencies or other defficiencies of its members.
1.5. Orders should be processed and executed in a short time period.
Delivery should be concluded at 14days maximum, unless otherwise specifically agreed. Any problem occuring during processing of the order, 
must be notified directly to the final recipient.
2. Aproppriate behaviour when recommending and enrolling New Members
Openness and sociability are the key to the successful establishment of a new member.
2.1. At the recommendation, existing member presents the career opportunities and secure income with absolute sincerity. He should also be duly informed about costs and costs that are to be coverd by the new member.
2.2. Any example given about income from associates, must correspond to reality. You may not be guaranteed that income.
2.3. Information for products may be given only if they agree with the official company statements.
2.4. Negative or derogatory statements about other companies and their products should be omitted.
3. Behaviour ethics between Shiny Swan Members
Relations between the sales networks are dominated by healthy and fair competition, which is characterized by mutual respect. In this context, the following unaccebtable behaviours are firmly prohibited:
3.1. Secondment of partner of other networks of the same company.
3.1. Encouraging Partners to unfair network changes through promises, such as better service, better career opportunities, etc..
3.2. Encouraging Partners to breach of contract, for example via virtual Partnerships etc.
3.3. Negative or derogatory statements about other Shiny Swan Associates.
It must be pointed out that disagreements should not be disclosed publicly through the media (eg the press, social networks and other public sources of information).

4. Behaviour to other companies
We respect each other company, demanding their respect at the same time.
4.1. Illicit, "strategic" Partners secondment from other companies is unethical and is not accepted by Shiny Swan. In this context, the following unaccebtable behaviours are firmly prohibited:
4.1.1. Secondment of entire networks through regular communication with partners of competing companies.
4.1.2. Negative or derogatory statements for these companies (for income opportunities, products, etc.).
4.1.3. Encouraging othe company's Partners for breach of contract.
4.1.4. Performing financial remuneration for company change or the promise of such remuneration.
4.2. Rebuking individual partners of other companies for fraudulent and libelous statements should be omitted.
5. Proper Behavior of Shiny Swan members in internal relations.
Shiny Swan's Member behave always honorably to the company.
5.1. Shiny Swan's Associate is characterized by clean and fair exercise of  business idea and methods. Any manipulation of the Marketing Plan is unethical and is particularly harmful to Shiny Swan's business model. In this context, the following are some examples of such negative behaviour:
  • systematic large purchases with unjustified returns,
  •  the distortion of competition through extremely low price (far lower than defined market price) with any mean e.g. through auction websites.
  • manipulating new members enrollment applications etc.
5.2. Shiny Swan's Associate acts in honour for the company and represents it wherever and whenever is needed in a responsible and aproppriate manner. He is trying to defend company's interests preventing any damage to full extent of his jurisdiction and capability.
5.3. In general, any Shiny Swan's Associate's action is in accordance with Shiny Swan's conditions and terms.
6. The public presence of a Shiny Swan's Partner
Shiny Swan's Partners present themselves as serious businessmen.
6.1. Shiny Swan's Partners are not employees, nor any kind of Swan project contractors. They cannot imply that they are acting as company's employees.
6.2. Any communication with Press, Television, Radio and social media is a sole responsibility of the company. Exceptions in this require prior approval by the company. Any request of these information entities should immediately be forwarded to Shiny Swan's Press Center.
All statements regarding the company, other partners or other companies in all media (incl. Facebook and Twitter) require compliance with the
obligations of loyalty and honesty. If necessary, member must communicate with Shiny Swan before any action.
This Ethics Code is binding for all Shiny Swan Associates.
All partners are obliged to follow its provisions.